Removes as much as possible from your vendor dir when space or number of files is important

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MediaMonks Composer Vendor Cleaner

Sometimes there are still some unfortunate cases when you need to send your vendor dir to some place and you want it to go as fast as possible. This package provides a simple script which will try to remove as much stuff as possible without breaking your app.

Don't forget to run composer install with --no-dev when creating a package for non-development environments, it will already save you loads space and files if you have packages defined in require-dev!

How it works

The script simply reads all package dirs within the vendor dir (<vendor>/<package>) and removed files from that dir which are not used for running your project. For most packages this means it will remove docs and tests but also the composer files, licenses and readme's.

Since not all packages can be cleaned the same way the type in composer.json of the package is used to determine the cleaning handler.

Currently these handlers are available:


Used when the type is set to symfony-bundle, removes the Tests dir if it's present


For all other types, removes all folders except the ones that are defined in the autoload section of the composer.json


Clean up current vendor dir:

php vendor/mediamonks/composer-vendor-cleaner/bin/clean

Clean up specific vendor dir:

php vendor/mediamonks/composer-vendor-cleaner/bin/clean --dir /path/to/different/vendor/

To just view what it will do without removing the actual files you can do a dry run:

php vendor/mediamonks/composer-vendor-cleaner/bin/clean --dry-run


You pass the location of a json file to set some options which can influence the cleaning process:

php vendor/mediamonks/composer-vendor-cleaner/bin/clean --options /path/to/options.json

The current supported options are:

  • Excluding entire packages
  • Excluding specific dirs for a package
  • Excluding specific files for a package

You can simply look at the provided options.json (which is used by default) to see how the options are defined.


This script is under development and is not tested extensively yet so use at your own risk!

We can use your help!

This script was mainly created to clean up Symfony Framework projects but with your help we can make it work for other frameworks too. Please create your own handlers, improve the cleaning on current handlers and send in a PR.