JavaScript cryptocurrency miner for TYPO3 that mines Coin (MINTME)

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v1.2.2 2020-08-23 23:27 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-29 04:48:15 UTC


This TYPO3 extensions adds the coinimp miner to your TYPO3 website. EXT:coinimptypo3 is pretty easy to use and runs out of the box. Please note that this miner will not run by default. It will not run before the user accepted mining with his browser.


This extension only works with TYPO3. Pick one of the following ways to install this extension to your TYPO3 page. Take a look at this video how install the extension: youtube-video

Install via composer

composer require mdy/coinimptypo3

Install via release downloads

Go to and click the download icon on one of the releases available. Download the archive, extract it and upload it to your TYPO3 via FTP, SSH or whatever.

Install via TYPO3 Extension Manager

This is not possible because TYPO3 unfortunately does not allow this extension in the TER.

Activate the extension

Make sure that EXT:coinimptypo3 is activated. Go to module extension and check if the extension is activated.

Configuration and setup

Create an coinimp-account

Goto and create yourself an account. After registration go to Dashboard and add your page by clicking on Add new site.

Click on Generate Site code for background mining to copy your site key. It looks like this: 169b5d2e5b302ce7336823f2ef8f689e459ea65611d1c5748a94a03abab60147. Copy this key for later use.

Set constants

Use the Constant Editor to enter your Site-key or your just enter your new site-key to the constants like this: = 169b5d2e5b302ce7336823f2ef8f689e459ea65611d1c5748a94a03abab60147

Add coinimp miner to your website as background service

If you would like to use the miner on every page as a background application follow this steps. This steps will add a small notification on the top of the page to ask for permission to mine.

Go to the module Template and click on your root page of your website inside the pagetree.

Make sure that Info/Modify is selected in the drop down menu. Click on Edit the whole template record go to the tab Includes. Choose coinimptypo3 TypoScript Setup (coinimptypo3) from the list Available Items and add it to the list Selected Items.

Add coinimp miner to your website as content element

You can add the miner as content element to any page. Just add a new content element and choose the miner from tab plugins. This will add a content element with some infos about the miner running.

Development and testing

ddev is required! You can easily develop and test the extension using ddev on your local machine. Git clone the extension and run the following command:

ddev create

This will create a fresh installation of TYPO3 10 with coinimptypo3 installed and ready to test. Point your browser to when the script is done.

You can run acceptance tests locally with following command:

ddev tests

Assets can be build with the following command:

ddev assets

Before pushing a new merge request build the assets with the following command for live usage:

ddev build