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composer require mcmatters/laravel-helpers

Then run the command

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="\McMatters\Helpers\ServiceProvider"

If you prefer manual installation, then add to config/app.php into providers section next line:

'providers' => [

Otherwise it will be autodiscovered.


Since v2.0, you can disable all helper functions and use helper classes, if you prefer to use helper functions, you can choose what exactly section do you want to use (array, dev, string, etc)



array_first_key(array $array)

The array_first_key function returns first key from the given array.

array_has_with_wildcard(array $array, string $keys, bool $searchWithSegment)

The array_has_with_wildcard is analogue of function array_has with ability to search with wildcard. Also it can search keys with dots (i.e. when you want to get some data from multiple field when validation is failed).

array_key_by(array $array, string $key)

The array_key_by function returns a new associative array grouped by $key.

array_contains(array $array, string $needle, bool $byKey = false)

The array_contains function returns true if array contains given $needle. You can also search by array keys. This function searches only in first level of array.

array_has_only_int_keys(array $array)

The array_has_only_int_keys function checks whether keys of given array as integer or not.

shuffle_assoc(array $array)

The shuffle_assoc function works like basic shuffle but with key preserving.

array_change_key_case_recursive(array $array, int $case = CASE_LOWER)

The array_change_key_case_recursive function works like array_change_key_case except that it works recursively.



The get_php_path function returns path to executable php.


The get_artisan function return path to executable artisan.

run_background_command(string $command, array $parameters = [])

The run_background_command function runs the given command in background.



The get_class_constants function returns an array with all class constants.

get_class_constants_start_with($class, string $string)

The get_class_constants_start_with function returns an array with constants which start with passed string.


compile_sql_query($sql, array $bindings = null)

The compile_sql_query function replaces all placeholders given bindings.

get_all_tables(bool $withColumns = true, string $connection = null)

The get_all_tables function returns the list all tables with their columns.

search_entire_database(string $keyword, string $connection = null)

The search_entire_database function searches entire database. It works only with MySQL and SQL drivers.

has_query_join_with($query, string $with)

The has_query_join_with function determines whether query has a joined table.


ddq($query, bool $die = false)

The ddq is analogue of function dd, but uses only for database queries.

dump($value, bool $output = false)

The dump is analogue of function dd, but without stopping the php script execution.



The is_production_environment function checks whether the production environment is using.


The is_local_environment function checks whether the local environment is using.


The is_testing_environment function checks whether the testing environment is using.


calculate_percentage($count, $total, int $decimals)

The calculate_percentage function calculates percentages.

calculate_discount($discount, $total, int $decimals)

The calculate_discount function calculates discount.

calculate_with_discount($discount, $total, int $decimals)

The calculate_with_discount function calculates price with discount.

has_float_remainder(float $number)

The has_float_remainder function checks whether the remainder of the float is not zero.

convert_bytes($value, string $returnType)

The convert_bytes function converts bytes between any sizes.


The get_size_types function returns the list all available size types.


The is_number_even function checks whether the number is even.


The is_number_odd function checks whether the number is odd.

is_number_in_range($number, $from, $to)

The is_number_in_range function checks whether the number is in a given range.



The get_model_from_query function returns a model from a query.


The destroy_models_from_query function destroy all models from a query. Useful when you want to delete many models with calling model's hooks.

is_morphed_belongs_parent(Model $morphed, Model $parent, string $name, string $type, string $id)

The is_morphed_belongs_parent function determines whether morphed model is belongs to parent.



The is_request_method_update function checks whether the current request method is for updating.



The long_processes function sets the maximum value of the optimal configuration for the server to perform long operations.

get_upload_max_filesize(string $returnType)

The get_upload_max_filesize function returns the value of the upload_max_filesize from php.ini in any of the formats.

get_post_max_size(string $returnType)

The get_post_max_size function returns the value of the post_max_size from php.ini in any of the formats.


The is_max_post_size_exceeded function checks whether is the permissible size of the value post_max_size exceeded.


The get_max_response_code function returns maximum available value for response code.


str_lower(string $string)

The str_lower is function wrapper over Str::lower.

str_upper(string $string)

The str_upper is function wrapper over Str::upper.

str_ucwords(string $string)

The str_ucwords function converts a value to studly caps case with spaces.

strpos_all(string $haystack, string $needle, bool $caseInsensitive = false)

The strpos_all function returns all occurrences of $needle in a $haystack



The random_bool function returns a random boolean value.

casting_bool($value, bool $default)

The casting_bool function returns casted boolean value.

is_json($json, $returnDecoded)

The is_json function check whether passed string is a json.


The is_uuid function check whether passed value is a valid uuid value.


get_base_url(string $url)

The get_base_url function returns base url.

get_host_url(string $url, bool $stripWww = true)

The get_host_url function returns host url.

routes_path(string $path)

The routes_path function returns path to routes folder.