Simple Instagram API package for Laravel 5.*. Package is in development.

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Simple Instagram API package for Laravel 5.*. Package is in development, but works - nothing crazy. Always looking for contributors.


To install, run the following command in your project directory

$ composer require mbarwick83/instagram

Then in config/app.php add the following to the providers array:


Also, if you must (recommend you don't), add the Facade class to the aliases array in config/app.php as well:

'Instagram'    => Mbarwick83\Instagram\Facades\Instagram::class

But it'd be best to just inject the class, like so (this should be familiar):

use Mbarwick83\Instagram\Instagram;


To publish the packages configuration file, run the following vendor:publish command:

php artisan vendor:publish

This will create a instagram.php in your config directory. Here you must enter your Instagram API Keys. Get your API keys at

Example Usage

// Get login url:
public function index(Instagram $instagram)
	return $instagram->getLoginUrl();
	// or Instagram::getLoginUrl();

// Get access token on callback, once user has authorized via above method
public function callback(Request $request, Instagram $instagram)
	$response = $instagram->getAccessToken($request->code);
	// or $response = Instagram::getAccessToken($request->code);

    if (isset($response['code']) == 400)
        throw new \Exception($response['error_message'], 400);
    return $response['access_token'];

Those are the only two custom classes for the API package. The rest of the API works with POST, DELETE and GET requests based on Instagram's end points to keep this package super simple. You can view all the end points here

All you need to do is specify if the request is a POST, DELETE or GET request, specify just the end point and any URL queries that are required (in an array). For example:

public function index(Instagram $instagram)
    $data = $instagram->get('v1/users/self', ['access_token' => $access_token]);
    // $data = $instagram->get('v1/users/' $user-id, ['access_token' => $access_token]);
    return $data;



Please see CONTRIBUTING and CONDUCT for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.