Hello World plugin built on the Integrations framework.

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dev-mautic-4 2023-03-07 09:57 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-09 13:56:39 UTC


This is a sample plugin built for Mautic 4 using the integrations framework included in core that was originally based on the Integrations plugin.

An example for Mautic 2 for the Oauth2 client credentials grant can be found here. An example for Mautic 3 for the Oauth2 authorization code grant can be found here.

This can be used as an example in combination with the Integrations plugin wiki.

This plugin has examples for:

  • Plugin migrations
  • OAuth2 client credentials client
  • Configuration UI interfaces
  • Syncing Mautic contacts and companies

Mocked Responses

The following places have mocked code to simulate a working plugin:

  • \MauticPlugin\HelloWorldBundle\Connection\Config::setIntegrationConfiguration()
  • \MauticPlugin\HelloWorldBundle\Connection\Client::getClient()
  • \MauticPlugin\HelloWorldBundle\Connection\MockedHandler

Code Expectations and Standards

This plugin also tries to exemplify code standards and expectations.

  • Code should be clean (see
  • Code should be well covered with unit and/or functional tests
  • Code should meet CS standards (includes symplify/easy-coding-standard which can be ran with composer fixcs)
  • Code should pass phpstan standards (run composer phpstan)