Allows you to use Artisan outside of a Laravel install

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Last update: 2022-06-13 18:05:49 UTC


Allows you to use Artisan outside of a full Laravel or Lumen install.

Why do I want this?

It's intended so that when you're building a standalone Laravel package, you still have access to the Artisan commands for generating boilerplate and don't have to generate them in your application, then copy them elsewhere.

How do I use it?

You will normally want to install this as a dev dependency in your package:

composer require --dev matthewbdaly/artisan-standalone

Then you can access the Artisan console in your package as follows:


Can I use it globally?

In theory it might, but I haven't set it up to do so - it doesn't actually include Laravel as a dependency, so you'd need to install laravel/framework globally as well. My recommendation is to install it on a per-project basis. You might want to check out my boilerplate package, which includes this one as a dependency, and is a good starting point for building a standalone Laravel package.