A DynamoDB migration bundle for Symfony 4




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4.0.1 2019-03-04 14:29 UTC

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A DynamoDB migration bundle for Symfony 4 based on original Rumble lib.

Class definition

  • Migration: Every migration file (class) you create must extend the rumble Migration class and must define an up method.
  • Seed: Every seed file (class) you create must extend the rumble Seeder class and must define a seed method.

Using Rumble

  • Migration: to apply migrations, run ./bin/console rumble:migrate
  • Seed: to execute seed files, run ./bin/console rumble:seed

Supported DynamoDB features

Currently, rumble supports only the below dynamodb features:

  • Create table
  • Update table
  • Delete table
  • Add Item
  • Batch Write Item


  1. Add bundle to your project: composer require matasarei/rumble

  2. Add config file: config/packages/rumble.yaml

    With default content:

         migrations_dir: 'migrations' # <project_root>/migrations/... (optional)
         seeds_dir: 'seeds' # <project_root>/seeds/... (optional)
         version: '2012-08-10' # (default, optional)
         region: 'dev'
         key: 'dev'
         secret: 'dev'
         endpoint: 'http://dynamodb:8000'

    You can also override values by adding additional configurations to:

    • config/packages/dev/rumble.yaml for dev environment;
    • config/packages/test/rumble.yaml for test \ qa environment;
    • config/packages/prod/rumble.yaml for prod environment.

Create a new table

// migrations/CreateAppRecordsTable.php

use Matasar\Bundle\Rumble\Migration;

class CreateAppRecordsTable extends Migration
    public function up()
        $table = $this->table('test_table'); // table name.
        $table->addAttribue('test_field', 'S'); // primary key data type - String (S)
        $table->setWCU(1); // Write Capacity Unit (Provisioned write throughput)
        $table->setRCU(1); // Read Capacity Unit (Provisioned read throughput)

You can change write \ read capacity later in table settings \ DynamoDB console or setup auto scaling.

Seed table

// seeds/CreateAppRecordsTable.php

use Matasar\Bundle\Rumble\Seeder;

class AppRecordsTableSeeder extends Seeder 
    public function seed()
        $table = $this->table('test_table');
        $table->addItem(['test_field' => 'First record']);
        $table->addItem(['test_field' => 'Second record']);