Laravel console command for deleting temp files and associated model instances.

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Laravel File Cleaner

Laravel File Cleaner is a package for Laravel 5+ that provides deleting files and associated model instances.


Step 1: Composer

From the command line, run:

composer require masterro/laravel-file-cleaner

Step 2: Service Provider (For Laravel < 5.5)

For your Laravel app, open config/app.php and, within the providers array, append:


This will bootstrap the package into Laravel.

Step 3: Publish Configs

First from the command line, run:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="MasterRO\LaravelFileCleaner\FileCleanerServiceProvider"

After that you will see file-cleaner.php file in config directory

For this package you may set such configurations:

  • paths - Paths where temp files are storing (or will be storing), relative to root directory
  • excluded_paths - Excluded directory paths where nothing would be deleted, relative to root directory
  • excluded_files - Excluded files path that would not be deleted, relative to root directory
  • time_before_remove - Time after which the files will be deleted | default 60 minutes
  • model - Model which instances will be deleted with associated files | optional
  • file_field_name - Field name that contains the name of the removing file | optional, only if model set
  • remove_directories - Remove directories flag, if set to true all nested directories would be removed | default true
  • relation - Relation, remove files and model instances only if model instance does not have a set relation

Voter callback

Additionally, you can set a static voter callback or invokable object to have more power on controlling deletion logic.
You can register it in one of yours Service providers. The callback will be called after time_before_remove and excluded_* checks.

FileCleaner::voteDeleteUsing(function($path, $entity) {
    if (isset($entity) && !$entity->user->isActive()) {
        return true;

    return false;

If callback return true file and optionally associated record in db will be removed.
If callback return false file and record won't be removed.
Otherwise relation check will be performed.



Add new command call to schedule function:

Have a look at Laravel's task scheduling documentation, if you need any help.

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

And that's all. If your cron set up everything will work.

Manual, using artisan console

You can run deleting manually, just run from the command line:

php artisan file-cleaner:clean

And see the output.

Or if you want to delete files without checking time (just delete all files from all set directories) use the --force flag (or -f shortcut):

php artisan file-cleaner:clean -f

You can even override config directories paths, excluded_paths and excluded_files values with --directories, --excluded-paths and --excluded-files options (separate by comma):

php artisan file-cleaner:clean -f --directories=storage/temp/images,public/uploads/test
php artisan file-cleaner:clean -f --excluded-paths=public/uploads/images/default,public/uploads/test
php artisan file-cleaner:clean -f --excluded-files=public/uploads/images/default.png,public/uploads/test/01.png

Also you can even override remove_directories config value with --remove-directories option:

php artisan file-cleaner:clean -f --directories=storage/temp/images,public/uploads/test --remove-directories=false

I will be grateful if you star this project :)