Quickly scaffold the laravel app for further developing

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Laravel Fresh Start

Quickly scaffold base application structure

This package provides you an artisan command that creates a App/Models directory and moves App/User.php there. Then it creates an abstract Model class and extend App\Models\User from abstract App\Models\Model. After that it requires ide-helper and debugbar and requires it in the AppServiceProvider for local env and adds to dont-discover in composer.json. Also it adds a php artisan ide-helper:generate command to composer.json post-install-cmd and post-update-cmd.


Step 1: Composer

From the command line, run:

composer require masterro/laravel-fresh-start --dev

Step 2: Service Provider (For Laravel < 5.5)

For your Laravel app, open config/app.php and, within the providers array, append:


Step 3: Run the scaffold

From the command line, run:

php artisan app:fresh-start

You will be asked some questions to configure scaffolding. If you want to skip configuration yot can run command with --default option

php artisan app:fresh-start --default

Step 4: Remove the package

If you answered "no" on "Remove this package?" question after scaffolding you can remove

composer remove masterro/laravel-fresh-start
For Laravel < 5.5

Open config/app.php and remove the provider:


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