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PHP Core SDK for use with Masterpass Merchant Checkout Service SDK on MasterCard Developer Zone

2.3.0 2018-08-30 06:26 UTC

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PHP Core SDK for use with Masterpass Merchant Checkout Service SDK on MasterCard Developer Zone (

Pre-Requisites for using PHP MasterCard Core SDK:

  • PHP 5.5 or higher
  • Download MasterCardCoreSDK-PHP phar file
Note: Refer to mastercard developer zone for documentation on SDKs for implementation reference and avoid potential break in your existing code if you upgrade with higher version.
Documentation for SDK Integration:

For Masterpass V6 :

For configuration and pre-requisites: For standard/express checkout integration:

For Masterpass V7:

For configuration and pre-requisites For standard checkout integration: For express checkout integration:

This phar can be downloaded from github directly or by using composer dependency.

If you do not have composer installed you can download it from

To download this phar as composer dependency, put a file named composer.json at the root of your project, containing as your project dependencies:

MasterCardCoreSDK v6 :

   "require": {

MasterCardCoreSDK v7 :

   "require": {

In order to import this package in your application, you need to use following composer command after installing composer locally:

composer update


Set configurations for private key and consumer key to call API:

MasterCardApiConfig::$consumerKey = "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY";
MasterCardApiConfig::$privateKey = "YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY";
MasterCardApiConfig::setSandBox(true); // For sandbox environment. By default SANDBOX environment is set as true, Set sandbox to false to use Production environment

Customize default SSL settings for the SDK through Configuration class using following code: [You may get SSL Exception if there is no already configured ssl certificate file exists locally or in php.ini] Note: SSL Verification is set to True by default. Do NOT set it to false in production code, otherwise you would face multiple types of cryptographic attacks.

$conf = new Configuration();

Example : Api Call

$RequestTokenResponse = RequestTokenApi::create(<URL>);

You can get more information about integrating MasterCard Merchant Checkout SDK from MasterCard Developer Zone -

Merchant Integration section.