This project will help you to start a new project in PHP

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PHP starter kit

This project will help you to start a new project in PHP

How to make it work

A few simple steps are needed to get this application up and running:

The next step assumes that composer is available in your PATH

# install the project and its dependencies
composer create-project masterfermin02/php-starter-kit [project-name]
cd [project-name]

Usage with docker

  • Run docker-compose up --biuld
  • Run composer install
  • Run docker-compose up now you should see in your localhost:8083 the welcome page.
  • Run the container in background docker-compose up -d
  • To see your local containers running process docker ps
  • Stop containers in background docker-compose down

Usage with PHP native server

  • run sh

Run test

  • composer run test


If you notice that your machine has any file permission errors, you might need to execute the following in a project locally chmod -R o+rw bootstrap/ storage/


These are a list of resources if you want to create a project like this or getting more knowledge on how to build your own framework in PHP.


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