Symfony bundle for simultaneous posting of the same message to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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What's this?

This is a Symfony bundle written in PHP 7.1 that wraps martin-georgiev/social-post - an easy way for simultaneous publishing to multiple social networks. Currently, it integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

How to install it?

Recommended way is through Composer

composer require martin-georgiev/social-post-bundle

Integration with Symfony

Add social networks configuration

# Usually part of config.yml
    publish_on: [facebook, linkedin, twitter]         # List which Social networks you will be publishing to and configure your access to them as shown below
            app_id: "YOUR-FACEBOOK-APP-ID"
            app_secret: "YOUR-FACEBOOK-APP-SECRET"
            default_access_token: "YOUR-FACEBOOK-NON-EXPIRING-PAGE-ACCESS-TOKEN"
            page_id: "YOUR-FACEBOOK-PAGE-ID"
            enable_beta_mode: true
            default_graph_version: "v2.8"             # Optional, also supports "mcrypt" and "urandom". Default uses the latest graph version.
            persistent_data_handler: "memory"         # Optional, also supports "session". Default is "memory".
            pseudo_random_string_generator: "openssl" # Optional, also supports "mcrypt" and "urandom". Default is "openssl".
            http_client_handler: "curl"               # Optional, also supports "stream" and "guzzle". Default is "curl".
            client_id: "YOUR-LINKEDIN-APP-CLIENT-ID"
            client_secret: "YOUR-LINKEDIN-APP-CLIENT-SECRET"
            access_token: "YOUR-LINKEDIN-60-DAYS-LONG-USER-ACCESS-TOKEN"
            company_page_id: "YOUR-LINKEDIN-COMPANY-PAGE-ID"
            consumer_key: "YOUR-TWITTER-APP-CONSUMER-KEY"
            consumer_secret: "YOUR-TWITTER-APP-CONSUMER-SECRET"
            access_token: "YOUR-TWITTER-ACCESS-TOKEN"
            access_token_secret: "YOUR-TWITTER-ACCESS-TOKEN-SECRET"

Register the bundle

# Usually your app/AppKernel.php
// ...
class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = [
            // ...
            new \MartinGeorgiev\SocialPostBundle\SocialPostBundle(),
        return $bundles;
    // ...

Post a test message

# Some Symfony container aware class
$message = new \MartinGeorgiev\SocialPost\Message('your test message');

Additional help

Twitter has limited features for tweet customisation. This means that for tweets only message and link values (MartinGeorgiev\SocialPost\Message instance) will be used.

Facebook doesn't support non-expiring user access tokens. Instead, you can obtain a permanent page access token. When using such tokens you can act and post as the page itself. More information about the page access tokens from the official Facebook documentation. Some Stackoverflow answers (here and here) also can of help.


This package is licensed under the MIT License.