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This library has no dependencies on other php libraries. It provides easy-to-use API for communication with GoPay REST API v3, known as GoPay Inline.


Install Markette/GopayInline over composer.

$ composer require markette/gopay-inline

Why is the package still called Markette? Because we don't want to break other people's projects (for now).


From GoPay you need:

  • GoID
  • ClientID
  • ClientSecret

On server you need:

  • PHP >= 5.6
  • cURL

Resources / Docs


All you can find in examples folder.


There are 3 main parts of this library.

1) Client

A core class holding credentials, token, authenticator and http client. It could make authentication and requests to endpoints.

2) HttpClient

Delegates all requests / responses to IO. All requests go over cURL. There is a place for other implementation, go for it.

3) Services

Services provide easy-to-use API for creating and verifying payments.

Supported API

  • Verify payments ($client->payments->verify(..))
  • Standard payments ($client->payments->createPayment(..))
  • Recurrent payments ($client->payments->createRecurrentPayment(..))
  • Preauthorized payments ($client->payments->createPreauthorizedPayment(..))



First you need set up client with credentials.

use Contributte\GopayInline\Client;
use Contributte\GopayInline\Config;

$goId = 'GoID';
$clientId = 'ClientID';
$clientSecret = 'ClientSecret';

$client = new Client(new Config($goId, $clientId, $clientSecret));
$client = new Client(new Config($goId, $clientId, $clientSecret, $mode = Config::TEST));

$client = new Client(new Config($goId, $clientId, $clientSecret, $mode = Config::PROD));

Then you have to authenticate with oauth2 authority server on GoPay.

For only creating payments use Scope::PAYMENT_CREATE, for the rest Scope::PAYMENT_ALL.

use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\Scope;

$token = $client->authenticate(['scope' => Scope::PAYMENT_CREATE]);

Heureka! We have token, let's make some API request.

Creating payment request

This example of payment data was copied from official documentation.

use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Entity\PaymentFactory;
use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\Currency;
use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\Language;
use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\PaymentInstrument;
use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\SwiftCode;

$payment = [
	'payer' => [
		'default_payment_instrument' => PaymentInstrument::BANK_ACCOUNT,
		'allowed_payment_instruments' => [PaymentInstrument::BANK_ACCOUNT],
		'default_swift' => SwiftCode::FIO_BANKA,
		'allowed_swifts' => [SwiftCode::FIO_BANKA, SwiftCode::MBANK],
		'contact' => [
			'first_name' => 'John',
			'last_name' => 'Doe',
			'email' => '',
			'phone_number' => '+420123456789',
			'city' => 'Prague',
			'street' => 'Contributte 123',
			'postal_code' => '123 45',
			'country_code' => 'CZE',
	'amount' => 50000,
	'currency' => Currency::CZK,
	'order_number' => '001',
	'order_description' => 'some order',
	'items' => [
		['name' => 'item01', 'amount' => 40000],
		['name' => 'item02', 'amount' => 13000],
		['name' => 'item03', 'amount' => 7000],
	'eet' => [
		'celk_trzba' => 50000,
		'zakl_dan1' => 35000,
		'dan1' => 5000,
		'zakl_dan2' => 8000,
		'dan2' => 2000,
		'mena' => Currency::CZK,
	'additional_params' => [
		['name' => 'invoicenumber', 'value' => '2017001'],
	'return_url' => '',
	'notify_url' => '',
	'lang' => Language::CZ,
// Create payment request
$response = $client->payments->createPayment(PaymentFactory::create($payment));
$data = $response->getData();

$client->payments returns PaymentsService, you can create this service also by $client->createPaymentsService().

PaymentsService::createPayment need object of Payment, you can set-up it manually by yourself or via PaymentFactory. But over PaymentFactory, there is parameters validation and price validation.


You cannot combine more payment instruments (according to GoPay Gateway implementation). So, you should create payment only with one payment instrument, for example only with BANK_ACCOUNT or PAYMENT_CARD.

For ALL payment instruments

use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\PaymentInstrument;

$payment['payer']['allowed_payment_instruments']= PaymentInstrument::all();

For ALL / CZ / SK swift codes

Use allowed_swifts and default_swift only with BANK_ACCOUNT.

use Contributte\GopayInline\Api\Lists\SwiftCode;

$payment['payer']['allowed_swifts']= SwiftCode::all();
// or
$payment['payer']['allowed_swifts']= SwiftCode::cz();
// or
$payment['payer']['allowed_swifts']= SwiftCode::sk();

Process payment

Now we have a response with payment information. There's same data as we send it before and also new $gw_url. It's in response data.

if ($response->isSuccess()) {
    // ...
$data = $response->getData();
$url = $data['gw_url'];

$url = $response->data['gw_url'];
$url = $response->gw_url;
$url = $response['gw_url'];

// Redirect to URL
// ...

// Send over AJAX to inline variant
// ...

In case of inline variant you can use prepared javascript (under development at this moment).

Verify payment (check state)

All you need is $paymentId. Response is always the same.

// Verify payment
$response = $client->payments->verify($paymentId);



Fill your credentials in config.

    gopay: Contributte\GopayInline\Bridges\Nette\DI\GopayExtension

    goId: ***
    clientId: ***
    clientSecret: ***
    test: on / off

Inject Client into your services / presenters;

use Contributte\GopayInline\Client;

/** @var Client @inject */
public $gopay;

Class model


It contains information for cURL.

  • $url
  • $headers
  • $options
  • $data


It contains information after execution request. It could be success or failed.

  • $data
  • $headers
  • $code
  • $error