Anax COMMENT module.

v1.3.5 2017-10-12 15:42 UTC


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Marcusgsta COMMENT module.


Install using composer and then integrate the module with your Anax installation.

Install an anax base

anax create name-of-your-app ramverk1-site-develop

Install with composer

composer require marcusgsta/comment

Configuration files for Comment System

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/config/{database.php,navbar.php,di-for-testing.php} config/

Config files for testing

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/config/test config/test/

Router files

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/config/route/ config/route/


rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/view/ view/

Database files

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/data/ data/

Set permissions on database folder and file

sudo chmod 777 data && chmod 666 data/db.sqlite

CSS files

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/htdocs/css/ htdocs/css/

JS files

rsync -av vendor/marcusgsta/comment/htdocs/js/ htdocs/js/

DI services

You need to add and replace the services from the configuration in vendor/marcusgsta/comment/config/di.php into your own anax installation config/di.php. Services that already exist need to be replaced with the new ones, since they have been edited.

Database sql files

There is a default sqlite-database included in data/db.sqlite. If you need to set up a new database you can take a look at the sql-files in the sql-directory.

Administrator usage

Log in with username: admin and password: admin. You will be able to set other users as admin by creating new user and assigning them role: 10. You will also be able to edit/delete all comments and all users.

Regular users can only edit/delete their own comments and their own user profile.


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Marcus Gustafsson (