Community API client for Cuéntica online management software

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  1. Install Composer
  2. Execute:
$ composer require marcortola/cuentica

Usage examples

use MarcOrtola\Cuentica\CuenticaClient;

$cuenticaClient = CuenticaClient::create('your_auth_token');

// Find a customer by ID.
$customer = $cuenticaClient->customer()->customer(1);

// Update a customer by ID.
$customer = $cuenticaClient->customer()->customer(1);

// Delete a customer by ID.

// Search customers.
$customers = $cuenticaClient->customer()->search('my query string', $pageSize, $page);

// Create a customer (it's individual, but can be a company or a generic one).
$customer = new Individual(
    'My street',
    'My City',
    'My region',
    'My name',
    'My surname'

// Create an invoice.
$invoice = new Invoice(
    [new InvoiceLine(1, 'Concept', 100, 2, 10, 4)],
    [new Charge(false, 103.88, 'other', 42133)]

// Get invoice PDF contents.
$pdfContents = $cuenticaClient->invoice()->pdf(1);

// Find an invoice by ID.
$pdfContents = $cuenticaClient->invoice()->invoice(1);

Read the Cuéntica API documentation here.


Licensed under the MIT License. See License File for more information about it.