Helps building nice, normalized and easy to consume Laravel REST API.


REST API Response Builder for Laravel

REST API Response Builder for Laravel

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ResponseBuilder is a Laravel package, designed to help you build a nice, normalized and easy to consume REST API JSON responses.


ResponseBuilder is written for REST API developers by REST API developer and is based on long-lasting experience on both "sides" of API. It's lightweight, with no dependencies, extensively tested and simple to use yet flexible and powerful, with support for on-the-fly data conversion, localization support, automatic message building, chained APIs and (hopefully) exhaustive documentation. But that's not all! The JSON structure produced by ResponseBuilder is designed with users of your API in mind, so its structure is predictible and well-defined which makes dealing with your API using ResponseBuilder library a breeze. Simple JSON response, with well-defined and predictable structure, easy to consume without any hassle or trickery. Your clients will love it. And will love you too :)

You are also covered in a case of emergency, as provided ExceptionHandlerhelper, ensures your API keeps talking JSON (and NOT lame HTML) to its clients even in case of unexpected.

Did I mention, you would also get testing traits that automatically add PHPUnit based unit test to your whole ResponseBuilder related code and configuration with just a few lines of code absolutely for free?



  • Written and copyrighted ©2016-2023 by Marcin Orlowski <mail (#) marcinorlowski (.) com>
  • ResponseBuilder is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license