Extra asserts and helpers to make your unit testing easier.

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Collection of additional asserts to be used with PHP Unit testing framework.


composer require-dev marcin-orlowski/phpunit-extra-asserts


As ExtraAsserts come as trait, you just need to add related use to your base test class and all the methods should be simply available as $this->assertName():

class MyBaseTestClass extends ... {

    use \MarcinOrlowski\PhpunitExtraAsserts\Traits\ExtraAsserts;

    public function testSuccessWithExplicitNull(): void

Available asserts

Assert Description
assertArrayElement(string $key, array $array, string $expected_value) Asserts given array has specified key and it's value is according to expectations.
assertArrayHasKeys(array $required_keys, array $array) Asserts array has ALL the required keys.
assertArrayEquals(array $arrayA, array $arrayB) Asserts two arrays are equivalent.
assertArraysHaveDifferences(array $arrayA, array $arrayB, int $diff_count) Asserts two arrays differ by exactly given number of elements (default is 0).
massAssertEquals(array $arrayA, array $arrayB, array $ignored_keys) Assert if keys from response have the same values as in original array. Keys listed in $skip_keys are ignored.
assertRFC3339(string $stamp) Asserts provided string is valid RFC3339 timestamp string.
assertRFC3339OrNull(string $stamp) Asserts $stamp string is valid RFC3339 timestamp string or @null.

Helper methods

Method Description
printArray(array $array, int $indent) Prints content of given array in compacted form.


  • Written and copyrighted ©2014-2020 by Marcin Orlowski
  • PhpUnit-Extras is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license