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I made this bundle to have the possibility to manage abbreviations in my projects.

This bundle contains

  • Several filters for Abbreviations Content Type
  • Link Provider
  • Sitemap Provider
  • Handler for Trash Items
  • Handler for Automation
  • Possibility to assign a contact as author
  • Twig Extension for resolving Abbreviations / get a list of Abbreviations
  • Events for displaying Activities and more...

The abbreviations are translatable.

Please feel comfortable submitting feature requests. This bundle is still in development. Use at own risk 🤞🏻

👩🏻‍🏭 Installation

Install the package with:

composer require manuxi/sulu-abbreviations-bundle

If you're not using Symfony Flex, you'll also need to add the bundle in your config/bundles.php file:

return [
    Manuxi\SuluAbbreviationsBundle\SuluAbbreviationsBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Please add the following to your routes_admin.yaml:

    resource: '@SuluAbbreviationsBundle/Resources/config/routes_admin.yml'

Last but not least the schema of the database needs to be updated.

Some tables will be created (prefixed with app_):
abbreviations, abbreviations_translation.

See the needed queries with

php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql

Update the schema by executing

php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

Make sure you only process the bundles schema updates!

🎣 Usage

First: Grant permissions for abbreviations. After reload you should see the abbreviations item in the navigation. Start to create abbreviations. Use smart_content property type to show a list of abbreviations, e.g.:

<property name="abbreviations" type="smart_content">
        <title lang="en">Abbreviations</title>
        <title lang="de">Abbreviations</title>
        <param name="provider" value="abbreviations"/>
        <param name="max_per_page" value="5"/>
        <param name="page_parameter" value="page"/>

Example of the corresponding twig template for the abbreviations list:

{% for abbreviation in abbreviations %}
    <div class="col">
            {{ }}
            {{ abbreviation.explanation|raw }}
{% endfor %}

🧶 Configuration

There exists no configuration.

👩‍🍳 Contributing

For the sake of simplicity this extension was kept small. Please feel comfortable submitting issues or pull requests. As always I'd be glad to get your feedback to improve the extension :).