A debug toolbar for the Mako Framework

5.0.2 2022-06-15 13:51 UTC



Mako 8.0 or greater.


Install the package using the following composer command:

composer require mako/toolbar

Next, add the mako\toolbar\ToolbarPackage package to your app/config/application.php config file.

Finally, you need to make sure that the toolbar gets rendered. The quickest way of getting it up and running is to use the included middleware.

$dispatcher->registerMiddleware('toolbar', ToolbarMiddleware::class);

You should make sure that the middleware gets executed first to ensure that the toolbar is able to collect all the information about your application.

$dispatcher->setMiddlewarePriority(['toolbar' => 1]);

You can now add the middleware to the routes of your choice or make it global if you want to apply it to all your routes.


The middleware will only append the toolbar to responses with a content type of text/html and a body that includes a set of <body></body> tags.