Minimalistic, feature-rich, PHP Lucene syntax query builder

1.0.2 2017-09-26 16:37 UTC


This is a very small piece of API that brings a query builder for building Lucene queries; use cases are numerous, the two most obvious ones being Elastic Search and Apache SolR.


use new MakinaCorpus\Lucene\Query;

$query = new Query();


    ->setRange('1983-03-22', new \DateTime())

    ->matchTerm('some_field', 'some value', null, 0.8)
    ->matchTerm('other_field', 'some_other_value', 1.3)

Should give you the following query:

    (foo OR bar)
    AND my_date_field:["1983\-03\-22T00\:00\:00\+0000" TO "2016\-06\-29T13\:10\:20\+0000"]
    AND some_field:"some value"~0.8
    AND other_field:some_other_value^1.3

Current status

This API is in use in various projects for now almost 10 years, although this version being a full refactor (mostly classes being renamed) that now runs in production for 6 months.

It's probably not bug free, and lacks some testing, yet until now it works.