Autocomplete upload widget and form type for Symfony

2.0.0-alpha4 2021-09-22 16:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-22 21:47:19 UTC


Autocomplete API and Symfony widget

This package provides:

  • an almost dependency-free autocomplete source API, with a generic controller that should be suitable for most frameworks,

  • a Symfony bundle that brings a form widget, source registration, and the associated controller for autocompleting things into forms.

Upgrading to 2.x

You have two fixes to make:

  • First one is that the AutocompleteSourceInterface::find() method query argument typing changed, you must adapt your sources.

  • Second is that we now support more libraries than only select2, so instead of including AutocompleteBundle:Form:fields.html.twig you must chose either one of fields-select2.html.twig or fields-autocompleter.html.twig.

  • Template engine based rendering has been dropped, it's up to you to implement it properly in your sources.


composer require makinacorpus/autocomplete-bundle

Write JavaScript code

You must implement the JavaScript part yourself, all you have to know is that you have two different inputs:

  • a container with the .tac-container CSS class, for being more precise in selecting the component,
  • a text type input,
  • a hidden type input.
  • both will have the data-tac-id attribute (which yield the same value for both inputs) and the data-tac-role attribute, which respectively yield the label and id values.

The text input also yield the data-autocomplete-uri which contains a generated URL for querying data (please note that URL can change in time, for security or deduplication reasons). In order to query this URL you can use the following query parameters:

  • query which holds the user input,
  • limit which holds the number of items to fetch,
  • page page number (which starts at 1).

Once you get results, and the user selects a value, you must set the return object id property into the [data-tac-role="id"] element, and the object label property into the [data-tac-role="label"] element.

Bonus point if you empty the hidden value when the users manually edit the text value.

Use a supported JavaScript library

This autocomplete widget needs a third party library to be registered globally in your JavaScript code:

If you use select2 you also need jQuery to be installed (any version).

Register the routing.yml file in your app/routing.yml file:

    resource: "@AutocompleteBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix: /

And the associated form theme in your app/config.yml file:

    debug:            "%kernel.debug%"
    strict_variables: false
        # For select2 based widget:
        - "AutocompleteBundle:Form:fields-select2.html.twig"

Beware that this method is not supported anymore, it might work, it might not.


First, implement an MakinaCorpus\AutocompleteBundle\Autocomplete\AutocompleteSourceInterface class, that is meant to reflect the business objects in which to autocomplete.

Then just use the MakinaCorpus\AutocompleteBundle\Form\Type\TextAutocompleteType form type in your own form builders, and set the source class name as the source parameter for the form type.