Maid is a containerized deployment platform for Laravel

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Make Development Faster

Maid is a containerized deployment platform for Laravel, powered by Kubernetes. From simple to complex apps, launch your Laravel application on, enjoy the simplicity and focus on innovating and shipping value.

Created by GhostZero, Certified Laravel Developer

Quick Start


Most likely you want to install maid as a global command, this can be done with Composer using the following command:

composer global require maid/maid

To upgrade maid, simply use the following command:

composer global update maid/maid

Logging In

After installing the maid-cli, you need to authorize using your user account credentials.

maid login

Note: To prevent the command from launching a web browser, use maid login --console-only. To authorize without a web browser and non-interactively, create a credentials.json file within the maid-cli config directory.

Create a Manifest

First we need to create a maid.yml within the root directory of your project, this is done interactively by the following command:

maid init

During the initialization process it tries to recognize frequently used Laravel ecosystem components from your project and also define them in your manifest file.

Deploy your Application

After initializing your project you can start to deploy your first version:

maid deploy

Official Documentation

You can view our official documentation here.