This extension allows you enable an EU compliant consent cookie notification banner.

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This extension allows you to set up a Cookie Law Banner to inform your customers about the Cookie Privacy. This extension is also fully customizable, you're able to change the title, description, link, and button text, it is also compatible with mobile phones. Consent cookie banner extension for Magento 2.

This extension don't prevent the cookies to be initiated, it works as a notice to the customers that to continue by using the website, they already agreed with the cookie terms.

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Install via composer (recommended)

Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

composer require magestat/module-cookie-law-banner

Using GIT clone

Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

git clone app/code/Magestat/CookieLawBanner


Run the following command in Magento 2 root folder:

php bin/magento module:enable Magestat_CookieLawBanner
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Clear the caches:

php bin/magento cache:clean


  1. Go to STORES > Configuration > MAGESTAT > Cookie Law Banner:
  2. Under the Enable Module tab, select Enabled option to enable module.
  3. Under the Content Management tab, fill the fields as you want.
  4. Under the Layout Configuration tab, select the options that better fit to your store.


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