Anax comment module.

v1.1.5 2017-10-12 18:45 UTC

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Mafd16 comment module.


Install using composer and then integrate the module with your Anax installation.

Install with composer

composer require mafd16/comment

Configuration files for comment module

cp vendor/mafd16/comment/config/route/* config/route
cp vendor/mafd16/comment/config/database.php config/

Integrate the following parts in to your own installation of Anax (do not just copy!)

vendor/mafd16/comment/config/di.php to config/di.php
vendor/mafd16/comment/config/route.php to config/route.php
vendor/mafd16/comment/config/view.php to config/view.php

Set up and configure an sqlite database

If you don´t already have a database set up

cp -r vendor/anax/database/data/ data/
chmod 777 data

sqlite3 data/db.sqlite < vendor/mafd16/comment/sql/ddl/comments_sqlite.sql
sqlite3 data/db.sqlite < vendor/mafd16/comment/sql/ddl/user_sqlite.sql
chmod 666 data/db.sqlite


This software carries a MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2017 Martin Fagerlund (