This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Symfony2 bundle on top of datastax/php-driver

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The CassandraBundle provide a Cassandra client as a Symfony service.


NOTE : You need to install the offical datastax php driver extension

Use composer:

composer require m6web/cassandra-bundle

Then make sure the bundle is registered in your application:

// config/bundles.php

return [
    \M6Web\Bundle\CassandraBundle\M6WebCassandraBundle::class => ['all' => true],


Add the m6web_cassandra section in your configuration file. Here is the minimal configuration required.


Then you can ask container for your client :

$cassandra = $this->get('m6web_cassandra.client.myclient');

$prepared = $cassandra->prepare("INSERT INTO test (id, title) VALUES(?, ?)");

$batch     = new Cassandra\BatchStatement(Cassandra::BATCH_LOGGED);
$batch->add($prepared, ['id' => 1, 'title' => 'my title']);
$batch->add($prepared, ['id' => 2, 'title' => 'my title 2']);


$statement = new Cassandra\SimpleStatement('SELECT * FROM test');
$result = $cassandra->execute($statement);

foreach ($result as $row) {
    // do something with $row

$statement = new Cassandra\SimpleStatement('SELECT * FROM test');
$result = $cassandra->executeAsync($statement);

// do something while cassandra query running

foreach($result->get() as $row) {
    // do something with row

Bundle provide a util class for extracting Datetime from a timeuuid string.

use M6Web\Bundle\CassandraBundle\Cassandra\Type as TypeUtils;

$datetime = TypeUtils::getDateTimeFromTimeuuidString('513a5340-6da0-11e5-815e-93ec150e89fd');

if (is_null($datetime)) {
    // something is wrong with supplied uuid
} else {
    echo $datetime->format(\DateTime::W3C); // 2015-10-08 11:38:22+02:00


Datacollector is available when the symfony profiler is enabled. The collector allows you to see the following Cassandra data :

  • keyspace
  • command name
  • command arguments
  • execution time
  • execution options override (consistency, serial consistency, page size and timeout)

NOTE : The time reported in the data collector may not be the real execution time in case you use the async calls : executeAsync and prepareAsync

Configuration reference

    dispatch_events: true                 # By default event are triggered on each cassandra command
            persistent_sessions: true     # persistent session connection 
            keyspace: "mykeyspace"        # default is null, optional keyspace to connect
            load_balancing: "round-robin" # round-robin or dc-aware-round-robin
            dc_options:                   # required if load balancing is set to dc-aware-round-robin
                local_dc_name: "testdc"
                host_per_remote_dc: 3
                remote_dc_for_local_consistency: false
            default_consistency: "one"    # 'one', 'any', 'two', 'three', 'quorum', 'all', 'local_quorum', 'each_quorum', 'serial', 'local_serial', 'local_one'
            default_pagesize: 10000       # ~ to disable pagination
            contact_endpoints:            # required list of ip to contact
            contact_whitelist:            # if specified cassandra will connect only to this datacenters/hosts
                    - "testdc"
            contact_blacklist:            # if specified cassandra will not connect to this datacenters/hosts
                    - "blacklisted_testdc"
            port_endpoint: 9042           # cassandra port
            token_aware_routing: true     # Enable or disable token aware routing
            credentials:                  # cassandra authentication
                username: ""              # username for authentication
                password: ""              # password for authentication
            ssl: false                    # set up ssl context
            default_timeout: null         # default is null, must be an integer if set
                connect: 5 
                request: 5 
                sync_requests: 0          # Number of retries for synchronous requests. Default is 0, must be an integer if set



First of all, thank you for contributing !

Here are few rules to follow for a easier code review before the maintainers accept and merge your request.

  • you MUST follow the Symfony2 coding standard : you can use ./bin/coke to validate
  • you MUST run the test
  • you MUST write or update tests
  • you MUST write or update documentation

Running the test

Install the composer dev dependencies

$ composer install --dev

Then run the test with atoum unit test framework