Authsystem with username and password for a given cms page area.

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1.1.2 2023-12-14 09:12 UTC

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LUYA Frontend user authentification


Authsystem with username and password for a given cms page area. It does not contain a registration process for new users in the frontend!.


  1. Install the extension through composer:
composer require luyadev/luya-module-userauth
  1. Add to the config
'modules' => [
    'userauthfrontend' => [
        'class' => 'luya\userauth\frontend\Module',
        'useAppViewPath' => false, // When enabled the views will be looked up in the @app/views folder, otherwise the views shipped with the module will be used.
    'userauthadmin' => 'luya\userauth\admin\Module',
  1. And the user component
'components' => [
    'user' => [
        'class' => 'yii\web\User',
        'identityClass' => 'luya\userauth\models\User',
  1. Run the ./luya migrate and ./luya import command.
  2. Place the userauthfrontend module on a given page in the cms.
  3. Add the config variable identifier userauth_redirect_nav_id with the value of the page you have included the userauthfrontend in step 5.
  4. Optional you can configure with the variable identifer userauth_afterlogin_nav_id on which nav id the user should be redirect when no ref url is provided.


After the installation, you can secure any given page with the user login by checking the Protect Page checkbox in the page's Page properties panel. Important: this setting will not be inherited by subpages, it has to be set for every page that has to be secured.