Command line interface to get fetch and be notified for leboncoin bids

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Leboncoin CLI is a software to make request to from the shell. Request are stored in a configuration file. You can have multiple request in thfis file. Every time a new bid is fetched it is stored on a database. Then you can send these bids by mail.


  • Query Leboncoin based on a yaml config
  • Notify by mail the fetched bids


  • Download the latest stable build from release
  • Extract it somewhere
cd leboncoin-cli-<version>
cp config/database.yml.dist config/database.yml
cp config/mailer.yml.dist config/mailer.yml
cp config/leboncoin.yml.dist config/leboncoin.yml
bin/console setup



By default the database use Sqlite3, you need to have the php sqlite extension loaded. You don't have to touch the configuration file as the default values works.


The default values inside config/mailer.yml are set to use Sendmail. You may have to adjust the path according to your operating system.


Take a look at the config/leboncoin.yml file to know how to configure the queries. You can have multiple queries under the criterias node with different index name.

A new command to build this file is in the pipe.


Fetch bids

bin/leboncoin-cli fetch

Notify bids

bin/leboncoin-cli notify


bin/leboncoin-cli help


Setup a cron task with the following command:

/path/to/installation/bin/leboncoin-cli notify -q


  • Setup a proxy (port 80 closed for OVH and Online IPs) [urgent]
  • Interactive configuration builder
  • Initialize config and store it under the HOME directory