An automated build tool to allow projects to have a set standardized operations scripts.

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dev-main 2021-10-06 10:35 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-15 17:26:44 UTC


See first.

This is a composer package containing the testing helpers for Drainpipe i.e. should be included in require-dev and not installed in production environments.



Runs all static tests i.e. those which don't require a running Drupal environment.

The static tests consist of:


Runs security checks for composer packages against the FriendsOfPHP Security Advisory Database and Drupal core and contributed modules against Drupal's Security Advisories.


  • YAML lint on .yml files in the web directory
  • Twig lint on files in web/modules, web/profiles, and web/themes
  • composer validate

These cannot currently be customised. See #9.


Runs PHPStan with mglaman/phpstan-drupal on web/modules/custom, web/themes/custom, and web/sites.


Runs PHPUnit tests in web/modules/custom, web/themes/custom, and web/sites.


Runs PHPCS with Drupal coding standards provided by Coder module.


Runs all functional tests i.e. those which require a running Drupal environment.


Verifies that exported configuration matches the current configuration in Drupal's database.


Runs functional browser tests with Nightwatch.

If you are using DDEV, Drainpipe will have created a .ddev/docker-compose.selenium.yaml file that provides Firefox and Chrome as containers, as well as an example test in test/nightwatch/example.nightwatch.js.

Nightwatch tests must have the suffix .nightwatch.js to be recognised by the test runner.

Whilst tests are running, you can view them in realtime through your browser.

http://localhost:7900 for Chrome http://localhost:7901 for Firefox

The password for all environments is secret.


Attempts to autofix any issues discovered by tests. Currently, this is just fixing PHPCS errors with PHPCBF.