PHP library to check if a Minecraft account is Premium

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This library can be used to check if an Minecraft account is premium.

⚠ This library doesn't work with a Microsoft Accounts ⚠

⚠ Warning: making too many request in a short period of time, the webserver IP will be temporary banned (about 15min) from Mojang API.


  • PHP >= 5.6


You can install this library with composer:

composer require lukasss93/minecraft-premium-account-checker


    //using the class
    use MCPremium\MCPremium;

    //include composer autoload

    //checking account

    //get informations from object

    //or from array


The check() method has 2 parameters:

# Parameter Type Description
1 username string Minecraft account username (or email if Mojang account)
2 password string Minecraft account password


The check() method returns an object with the following properties:

Property Type Description
premium bool Returns true if the account is premium, otherwise false
error string Returns an error message
username string Returns the entered username
correct_username string Returns the in-game username
uuid string Returns the account UUID
created_at integer Returns the creation timestamp account
raw array Returns the original response from the API

You can use the toArray() method after check() method to get the properties as an array.

I assume no liability for any theft of Minecraft Accounts.


All notable changes to this project will be documented here.