Disable certain plugins in non-production environments using PHP constants.

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Define an array of plugins that deactivate automatically in certain environments (e.g. caching plugins in development).

Inspired by this blog post by Kamil Grzegorczyk. Uses a fork of the DisablePlugins class written by Mark Jaquith.


This plugin is designed to work with Bedrock based sites, and will not work with a Standard WordPress installation.

$ composer require lukasbesch/bedrock-plugin-disabler

It will be installed as a wordpress-muplugin.
If you try to activate it as a regular plugin, the plugin will deactivate itself with a notice.

Manual Installation (not recommended)

Download the latest release and place it in your web/app/mu-plugins folder.


Define the constant DISABLED_PLUGINS with an array of the plugins main files you want to deactivate in your preferred environment configuration, for example config/environments/development.php:

Config::define('DISABLED_PLUGINS', [

If you have an older Bedrock installation (< 1.9.0) you have to define the constant using the regular define() function:

if (! defined('DISABLED_PLUGINS')
    define('DISABLED_PLUGINS', [

PHP 5.6+ can store arrays in constants, but you can also provide serialized data:

Config::define('DISABLED_PLUGINS', serialize([