Prefix github annotation file location from github action workflow command

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Github annotation path mapper

TL;DR: Basically | sed "" in php with sigterm 2 if a replacement occurs.

Prefix github annotation file location from github action workflow command.

Typically, if you are running your github action in a docker container, and the directory structure does not match your git repository.

Coded in PHP for PHP projects.

Example use case

  • git repository base path: backend/src/
  • docker base path: src

Considering a git repository like this:

  • .git/
  • frontend/
  • backend/composer.json
  • backend/src/File1.php
  • backend/src/File2.php
  • backend/vendors/*
  • backend/tests/*

if you run phpstan in this kind of docker container, the STDOUT will be src/File1.php and github annotation will fail to match the path.

docker run --volume backend/:/app php /app/vendors/bin/phpstan analyse --error-format=github

# ::error file=src/File1.php,line=10,col=15::Something went wrong

⛑️ But piping to this tiny lib will adjust the STDOUT to backend/src/File1.php

phpstan analyse --error-format=github | vendor/bin/github-annotation-mappe backend/

::error file=backend/src/File1.php,line=10,col=15::Something went wrong

And github annotation will finally appear inlined with your code in your PR! github pull request with annotation


$ composer require --dev ludofleury/github-annotation-path-mapper

or git clone, copy paste, whatever.


Simply pipe to the bin mapper

$ my-command-to-run | vendor/bin/github-annotation-mapper [path prefix with trailling slash]