This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

The Command Line Interface for the Lucid Architecture

v7.0.0 2020-04-02 19:12 UTC


The Console companion for the Lucid Architecture.

Command Line Interface

The console ships with a command line interface called lucid that you can find in vendor/bin/lucid and use as

lucid make:feature ListUsers Api

To be able to address the lucid cli directly you need to have ./vendor/bin as part of your $PATH. To do that, put this in your shell profile (~/.bash_profile, ~/.zshrc, ~/bashrc) export PATH="$PATH:./vendor/bin"

Available Commands

  • help Displays help for a command
  • list Lists commands
  • make
    • make:controller Create a new resource Controller class in a service
    • make:feature Create a new Feature in a service
    • make:migration Create a new Migration in a service
    • make:operation Create a new Operation in a service
    • make:job Create a new Job in a domain
    • make:service Create a new Service
    • make:model Create a new Model
    • make:request Create a new Request in a service
    • make:policy Create a new Policy
  • list
    • list:features List the features.
    • list:services List the services in this project.
  • delete
    • delete:feature Delete an existing Feature in a service
    • delete:operation Delete an existing Operation in a service
    • delete:job Delete an existing Job in a domain
    • delete:service Delete an existing Service
    • delete:model Delete an existing Model
    • delete:request Delete an existing Request in a service
    • delete:policy Delete an existing Policy
  • src
    • src:name Set the source directory namespace.

Commands Usage


  • make:controller <controller> [<service>]
  • make:migration <migration> <service>
  • make:feature <feature> [<service>]
  • make:job <job> <domain> [--queue]
  • make:service <name>
  • make:model <model>
  • make:request <request> [<service>]
  • make:policy <policy>


  • list:services
  • list:features [<service>]


  • delete:service <name>
  • delete:feature <feature> [<service>]
  • delete:job <job> <domain>
  • delete:model <model>
  • delete:request <request> [<service>]
  • delete:policy <policy>

Set Source Namespace

  • src:name <name>