A simple CLI tool to generate information about GitHub contributors of a repository




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v1.0.3 2017-11-03 15:03 UTC

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Traces is a micro CLI application that is able to get all contributions and their contributors in "developer-readable" JSON format for a specified repository.


The authentication is a basic login/password for GitHub.

 $ composer require prestashop/traces
 $ ./vendor/bin/traces <repositoryOwner/repositoryName> <login> <password> --config="config.yml"

You can configure a list of excluded contributors, take a look to config.dist.yml file.

A file named contributors.js will be generated, you can manipulate it using any programming language.

I prefer to export in XML/CSV/Whatever

This is not provided out of box right now. For CSV support take a look at Json to CSV website, or to csvkit.

For XML, you may use SimpleXMLElement. I'm open to contributions that allow to pass --output=xml|csv|json if the code remains simple.