PHP middleware to add a Request ID header

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2.1.0 2020-12-15 11:58 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-15 14:19:45 UTC


This middleware adds a Request ID header that can be used to trace back requests (logs).

It uses [Ramsey\Uuid(https://github.com/ramsey/uuid) library to uuid generation.


Just add the middleware as one of the first in your application.

For example:

$app->pipe(new \LosMiddleware\RequestId\RequestId($options);

And the middleware will add a header to the request AND response

X-Request-Id: 56CEE969-4D3B-404E-9938-03E769E191CB

The options are:

  • uuid_version: Uuid version to be used. Default: 4
  • uuid_ns: Nameserver to be used by uuid versions 3 or 5. Default: null
  • uuid_name: Name to be used by uuid versions 3 or 5. Default: null
  • allow_override: If it's allowed to override a previouly added request id header. Default: false
  • header_name: Header name. Default: X-Request-Id

Zend Expressive

If you are using expressive-skeleton, you can copy config/los-request-id.global.php.dist to config/autoload/los-request-id.global.php and modify configuration as your needs.