Auth Middleware for apis

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This library provides a PHP middleware for api authentication.


composer require los/api-auth


Using PSR-11 containers, use the provided factories and define factories for each requirement:

return [
    \Los\ApiAuth\ApiAuth::class => \Los\ApiAuth\ApiAuthFactory::class,
    \Los\ApiAuth\Strategy\Strategy::class => \Los\ApiAuth\Strategy\XApiKeyHeader::class,
    \Los\ApiAuth\Authenticator\Authenticator::class => \Los\ApiAuth\Authenticator\ArrayAuthenticatorFactory::class,
    \Los\ApiAuth\Output\Output::class => \Los\ApiAuth\Output\ProblemDetailsOutputFactory::class,

Then add the middleware to you pipeline:


If successful, the middleware will register a new Request attribute Los\ApiAuth\Authenticator\Authenticator with the identity found, so you can know which identity is authorized in the request.

If using laminas, you can create a config/autoload/api-auth.global.php:



use Los\ApiAuth\ApiAuth;
use Los\ApiAuth\ApiAuthFactory;
use Los\ApiAuth\Authenticator\ArrayAuthenticatorFactory;
use Los\ApiAuth\Authenticator\Authenticator;
use Los\ApiAuth\Output\Output;
use Los\ApiAuth\Output\ProblemDetailsOutputFactory;
use Los\ApiAuth\Strategy\BasicAuthorizationHeader;
use Los\ApiAuth\Strategy\Strategy;

return [
    'dependencies' => [
        'invokables' => [
            Strategy::class => BasicAuthorizationHeader::class,
        'factories'  => [
            ApiAuth::class       => ApiAuthFactory::class,
            Authenticator::class => ArrayAuthenticatorFactory::class,
            Output::class        => ProblemDetailsOutputFactory::class,
    'api-auth'     => [
        'ignorePaths' => ['/health'], 
        'identities'  => ['707cd425-0a60-4d36-b2e8-c9fd7fc0f194' => '208bfbc5-e705-46b1-aec0-2b0e1b4156ad'],



  • XApiKeyHeader: extracts the identity from the X-Api-Key header
  • CustomHeader: extracts the identity from a custom header
  • AuthorizationHeader: extracts the identity and credential from the Authorization header
  • Aggregate: you can add as many strategies as you want, and it will return the first which succeeds
  • Strategy interface to implement your own strategies



  • ArrayAuthenticator: validates the identity/credential against a simple array. The default is ['api-auth']['identities']
  • Authenticator interface to implement your own, e.g. database



  • ProblemDetailOutput: the json response output will be generated using the mezzio/problem-details package, which needs to be required in your composer.json
  • ExceptionOutput: it will just throw the exception, and you can handle it in other middleware
  • Output interface to implement your own, e.g. HTML, XML