Quick start opinionated WordPress boilerplate

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Quick setup opinionated WordPress boilerplate


  • All dependencies (wordpress-core, mu-plugins, plugins) managed with Composer
  • Multiple languages
    • Out of the box: French & English
    • Default language: French
  • ACF Pro (see installation below)
  • Gravity Forms (see installation below)


  1. Add this repo as a remote at the trunk of your project. It assumes your project's public directory is www. You can also simply paste the files in. Whichever.
  2. Start by replacing any mentions of boilerplate with whatever fits your need. Search all files! Case sensitive
  3. You can install example.sql for a barebones database to kick start your project. However, you'll need to change a few things.
    • URLs (replace boilerplate.dev with your own local dev environment schema)
    • Licenses and keys
      • acf_pro_license
      • rg_gforms_key
      • rg_gforms_captcha_public_key
      • rg_gforms_captcha_private_key
  4. Now that your database is set, save config/sample.php as config/local.php. This file won't be committed and will contain your database credentials. Add them here.
  5. Change your Authentication Keys & Salts in config/shared.php.
  6. Run composer install at the trunk.
  7. All set. Default admin user is boilerplate_user:boilerplate_password. You should obviously create your own user and remove this one.