This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the ergebnis/factory-muffin-definition package instead.

Provides an interface for, and an easy way to find and register entity definitions for league/factory-muffin.

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Provides an interface for, and an easy way to find and register entity definitions for league/factory-muffin, inspired by ergebnis/factory-girl-definition.



$ composer require --dev ergebnis/factory-muffin-definition


Create Definitions

Implement the Definition interface and use the instance of League\FactoryMuffin\FactoryMuffin that is passed in into accept() to define entities:


namespace Foo\Bar\Test\Fixture\Entity;

use Ergebnis\FactoryMuffin\Definition\Definition;
use Foo\Bar\Entity;
use League\FactoryMuffin\FactoryMuffin;

final class UserDefinition implements Definition
    public function accept(FactoryMuffin $factoryMuffin): void
            // ...

💡 Any number of entities can be defined within a definition. However, it's probably a good idea to create a definition for each entity.

Register Definitions

Lazily instantiate an instance of League\FactoryMuffin\FactoryMuffin and use Definitions to find definitions and register them with the factory:


namespace Foo\Bar\Test\Integration;

use Ergebnis\FactoryMuffin\Definition\Definitions;
use League\FactoryMuffin\FactoryMuffin;
use League\FactoryMuffin\Stores;
use PHPUnit\Framework;

abstract class AbstractIntegrationTestCase extends Framework\TestCase
    final protected function factoryMuffin(): FactoryMuffin
        static $factoryMuffin = null;

        if (null === $factoryMuffin) {
            $factoryMuffin = new FactoryMuffin(new Stores\ModelStore('save'));

            Definitions::in(__DIR__ . '/../Fixture')->registerWith($factoryMuffin);

        return $factoryMuffin;


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