Provides reusable paragraph page components for the LocalGovDrupal distribution.

1.1.3 2024-03-05 12:50 UTC


Reusable paragraphs library for the LocalGovDrupal distribution.

What's in it?

A node field

Provides the localgov_page_components node field. This field can be used to add new Page components or select an existing one within a node. The recommended field widget is Entity browser which should use the Page component browser.

This field is currently used in the localgov_services_page content type. But it can be used in any other content type.

LinkIt integration

The LinkIt module can use URLs belonging to localgov_link and localgov_contact Page components when the localgov_paragraphs module is available. Setup steps follow:

  • Access the LinkIt profile configuration page from /admin/config/content/linkit.
  • Select the Manage matchers operation for the Default profile. This should take you to /admin/config/content/linkit/manage/default/matchers.
  • Click Add matcher which should land you at /admin/config/content/linkit/manage/default/matchers/add.
  • Select Page components as the matcher. Save and continue. This should present the Page components matcher edit form.
  • Select Link and Contact as Bundle restrictions. Other Paragraph types are unsupported at the moment.
  • Limit search results to 20.
  • Select the Group by bundle checkbox within Bundle grouping.
  • Select Page components from the Substitution Type dropdown within URL substitution.
  • Save changes.
  • Suggestions provided by LinkIt should now include localgov_link and localgov_contact Page components.

Known issues

Some Page component edit forms (e.g. localgov_documents) try to open a modal. This leads to a modal within a modal scenario which doesn't work. The work around is to edit such Page components from their own edit page. These can be looked up from /admin/content/paragraphs.