Aerospike PHP cache adapter for Symfony/Cache (PSR-6 and PSR-16) and Doctrine/Cache

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This component provides a PSR-6 implementation of Aerospike for adding cache to your applications.


composer require lmc/aerospike-cache


$aerospike = new \Aerospike(['hosts' => [['addr' => '', 'port' => 3000]]]);
$aerospikeCache = new AerospikeCache($aerospike, 'aerospkeNamespace');

AerospikeCache uses PSR-6 caching interface for manipulation with the data.
The AerospikeCache also comes bundled with Symfony Cache adapter for DoctrineCache

Creating a new Aerospike instance will immediately connect to the aerospike server, which might take a while and it should be in lazy abstraction.


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Contributing and development

Install dependencies

composer install

Run tests

For each pull-request, unit tests as well as static analysis and codestyle checks must pass.

To run all those checks execute:

composer all