Symfony2 Bundle to integrate cube-php

v1.0 2014-04-08 09:06 UTC


This bundle allows you to integrate the library ShowClix/cube-php in your Symfony2 application and interact with Cube collectors and evaluators.

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A little appetizer

Just to have a quick idea on how the bundle works have a look at this piece of code:

#Inside a controller action

$client = $this->get('cube_client');

$events = $client->metricGet(array(
    'expression' => 'sum(cube_request)',
    'step' => \Cube\Client::INT_ONE_MINUTE,
    'limit' => 100,

foreach ($event in $events) {
    echo "There were {$event['value']} hits during {$event['time']} \n";


You can learn more about the bundle in its documentation.


This bundle is distributed under the MIT license.

Credits and contributions

This bundle is maintained by Luciano Mammino.

If you want to improve or fix something feel free to submit a pull request. Contributions are always VERY welcome 😉