Database snapshot application

v1.12.0 2019-12-17 11:58 UTC


Mysql snapshot utility


  • Backup single database, or all databases on a server, to Amazon S3
  • Compressesion
  • Encryption (GPG)
  • Supports multiple servers in single config
  • Supports multiple storage backends in single config
  • Simple database restore
  • Lists remote snapshots with wildcards


Snapshot is configured using a snapshot.yml file.

The file will be automatically loaded from the current working directory, or from /etc/snapshot.yml.

You can also pass --config or -c to specify the exact config filename you wish to use.

To get you started, simply run:

cp snapshot.yml.dist snapshot.yml

and edit snapshot.yml to fit your environment

Example snapshot.yml

In the following config you'll find 2 configured database servers (server-a and server-b), and one storage backend (store1):

workdir: /snapshot

    username: root
    password: super_secret_password
    port: 3306
    username: root
    password: mega_secret_password
    port: 3306
    type: s3
    region: eu-west-1
    access_key: HELLO
    secret_key: SHHHHHHH
    bucket: my_bucket_name
    prefix: "snapshot/"
    gpg_password: s3cr3t

Usage examples:

Backing up a whole server:

The following command will backup all databases on server-a to store1.

bin/snapshot server:backup server-a store1

Backing up a single database:

The following command will backup database my_db on server-a to store1.

bin/snapshot database:backup server-a my_db store1

List remote snapshots

The following command will list all snapshots in store1.

bin/snapshot snapshot:list store1

The following command will list all snapshots in store1 matching a filter.

bin/snapshot snapshot:list store1 snapshot-a/*/my_db

Restoring backups

The following command will restore a backup of snapshot server-a/20160101/my_db from store1 onto server-b:

bin/snapshot snapshot:restore store1 server-b server-a/20160101/my_db


MIT. Please refer to the license file for details.

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