Data modeling toolkit

v1.13.0 2019-11-05 14:48 UTC


Realm is a framework for defining domain models.

It allows you to define:

  • Concepts
  • Codelists
  • Mappings
  • Section Types
  • Resources
  • Fusions

Running the viewer

Run the following commands in your console:

git clone
cd realm
composer install
php -S -t web/

The Realm viewer is now accessible using your browser by navigating to


Realm works with "projects" containing definitions. To configure the viewer:

  1. copy app/config/projects.yml.dist to app/config/projects.yml
  2. edit `app/config/projects.yml' to your situation.

You can use the include_paths array to specify one or more include paths that contain Realm project. This is used by projects that specify a <dependency /> element in their realm.xml file.

Use the projects array to specify one or more projects:

  • type: realm (standard) or decor (for loading decor files)
  • filename: path to the project's realm.xml file
  • unlisted: optional, allows you to mark the project as unlisted on the frontpage. Direct links still work.


MIT. Please refer to the license file for details.

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