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A profiling library for PHP using XHProf or uprofiler and providing multiple persistance layers

v1.0.1 2015-03-10 23:11 UTC

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Link0/Profiler as a layer over XHProf profiling, and persisting profiles for later analysis.

The code is quite new, so please report any bugs if you encounter them, even though unit-tests should cover 100% of the code.

All ideas are welcome, and contributors as well.



  • PHP 5.4 is required but using the latest version of PHP is highly recommended
  • XHProf or Uprofiler is required to do actual profiling


To add Link0/Profiler as a local, per-project dependency to your project, simply require the dependency link0/profiler with composer.

composer require "link0/profiler" "~1.0"

There is also a Symfony2 bundle available, see Link0/ProfilerBundle. To install it, use the following composer package

composer require "link0/profiler-bundle" "~1.0"

To install XHProf on your machine

pecl install -f xhprof


apt-get install php5-xhprof


# If you have the josegonzalez/homebrew-php formulae tapped, install them with brew.
# Change your version accordingly
brew install php55-xhprof

Quick setup with XHGui

To get started with this profiler package and XHGui, setup XHGui to listen to your MongoDB instance.

From every project that you want to profile, and aggregate the results to the centralized server, setup the following config:

    $connectionAddress = 'mongodb://';
    $mongoClient = new \Link0\Profiler\PersistenceHandler\MongoDbHandler\MongoClient($connectionAddress);
    $persistenceHandler = new \Link0\Profiler\PersistenceHandler\MongoDbHandler($mongoClient);
    $profiler = new \Link0\Profiler\Profiler($persistenceHandler);

More in-depth

The library is all about the Profiler, you want to instantiate that and let it do it's magic

$profiler = new \Link0\Profiler\Profiler();

If you want to start profiling using a browser based tool like XHProf Helper, You can use this method

$profiler = new \Link0\Profiler\Profiler();
// or

If you want to store the results, you can pass a PersistenceHandler object to the Profiler

$persistenceHandler = new \Link0\Profiler\PersistenceHandler\MemoryHandler();
$profiler = new \Link0\Profiler\Profiler($persistenceHandler);

This way, the results are stored in memory, may not be that convienient, but can be nice to play around with.

There is also an implementation to store profiles on the filesystem, using the Flysystem library.

$filesystemAdapter = new \League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local('/tmp/profiler');
$filesystem = new \League\Flysystem\Filesystem($filesystemAdapter);
$persistenceHandler = new \Link0\Profiler\PersistenceHandler\FilesystemHandler($filesystem);
$profiler = new \Link0\Profiler\Profiler($persistenceHandler);