Common library for Linio projects

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Linio Common contains small components that either extend PHP's functionality or provide a coherent base for Linio components:

  • Common types
  • Base exceptions
  • Monolog processors and handlers


The recommended way to install Linio Common is through composer.

$ composer require linio/common


To run the test suite, you need install the dependencies via composer, then run PHPUnit.

$ composer install
$ vendor/bin/phpunit


This component has a direct dependency on doctrine/collections. You are encouraged to use them since they are also used as base for most our own custom collection types.


This data structure allows you to create coherent key-value pairs, that can be used in an idiomatic way:


use Linio\Common\Type\Dictionary;

$dict = new Dictionary(['foo' => 'bar']);

if ($dict->has('foo')) {
    echo $dict->get('foo');

echo $dict->get('i_dont_exist'); // null
echo $dict->get('i_dont_exist', 'default'); // default

if ($dict->contains('bar')) {
    echo 'We have a bar value somewhere!';


These exceptions provide a good base for all domain exceptions. The included interfaces act as tags that allow the Monolog processors and handlers to interact with them in specified ways.


This exception is the core exception in which all other library and application (domain) exceptions should extend. It's used by the exception handlers included in our common libraries for different frameworks. With this, we can easily support translation of messages, and input errors on a per field basis.


throw new \Linio\Common\Exception\DomainException(
    'The order could not be processed because the processor is not responding'



throw new \Linio\Common\Exception\ClientException(
    'The order could not be processed because the request is incomplete'



throw new \Linio\Common\Exception\EntityNotFoundException(

throw new \Linio\Common\Exception\EntityNotFoundException(
    ['region' => 'Region 1', 'municipality' => 'Municipality 1']

class CustomerNotFoundException extends \Linio\Common\Exception\EntityNotFoundException
    public function __construct(string $identifier)
        parent::__construct('Customer', $identifier, 'CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND');


The available interfaces are:

  • Linio\Common\Exception\DoNotLog - Tells Monolog to ignore the exception
  • Linio\Common\Exception\ForceLogging - Tells Monolog to log the exception regardless of DoNotLog
  • Linio\Common\Exception\CriticalError - Tells Monolog to log the exception as CRITICAL regardless of it's current level

Logging (Monolog)

This component includes various classes that integrate with Monolog.


  • Linio\Common\Logging\CriticalErrorProcessor - Upgrades exceptions that are CriticalErrors to CRITICAL regardless of log level.
  • Linio\Common\Logging\ExceptionTokenProcessor - Adds the exception token to the record.



  • Linio\Common\Logging\DoNotLogHandler - Ignores exceptions that implement this interface.