This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the doctrine/doctrine-cache-bundle package instead.

This Bundle provides integration into Symfony2 with the Doctrine Common Cache layer.

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1.0.4 2014-02-17 02:17 UTC

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This Bundle provides integration into Symfony2 with the Doctrine Common Cache layer.

This Project Has Been Deprecated

This Project Has Been Deprecated in favor of doctrine/doctrine-cache-bundle.

in favor of


1. Add the bundle to your composer.json

"require": {
    "liip/doctrine-cache-bundle": "~1.0"

2. Install the bundle using composer

$ php composer.phar update liip/doctrine-cache-bundle

3. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

// application/ApplicationKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
  return array(
      // ...
      new Liip\DoctrineCacheBundle\LiipDoctrineCacheBundle(),
      // ...


Simply configure any number of cache services:

# app/config.yml
        # name of the service (aka
            # cache namespace is "ding", this is optional
            namespace: ding
            # cache type is "apc"
            type: apc
            # alias names of the service (liip_doctrine_cache.ns.foo_bar and liip_doctrine_cache.ns.foo_baz)
            alias: [foo_bar,foo_baz]
        # name of the service (aka liip_doctrine_cache.ns.lala) and namespace
            # cache type is "file_system"
            type: file_system
            # optionally define a directory
            directory: /tmp/lala
            # single alias name (equivalent to `alias: [lala_bar]`)
            alias: lala_bar
        # name of the service (aka
            # cache namespace is "dong"
            namespace: dong
            # cache type is "memcached"
            type: memcached
            # name of a service of class Memcached that is fully configured (optional)
            id: my_memcached_service
            # port to use for memcache(d) (default is 11211)
            port: 11211
            # host to use for memcache(d) (default is localhost)
            host: localhost

Default values for the services are defined in the compiler pass:


Simply use liip_doctrine_cache.ns.[your_name] in dependency injection config files or using $container->get('liip_doctrine_cache.ns.[your_name]') in your code.

Custom cache types

Simply define a new type by defining a service named liip_doctrine_cache.[type name]. Note the service needs to implement Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache interface.

Development mode

In development mode you do not want to cache things over more than one request. An easy solution for this is to use the array cache in the dev environment.

            type: file_system

# config_dev.yml
            type: array

The array cache will be lost after each request, so effectively only cache if you access the same data within one single request.