This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

PHP/rabbitmq-based job queue

v0.2.1 2017-11-08 23:55 UTC


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A worker queue that is evolving to a job queue


  • PHP >= 5.5.18
  • Composer
  • Supervisord
  • Postgres >= 9.3
  • RabbitMQ


Install Hodor in your application via composer:

composer require lightster/hodor:^0.2.0

Create a database on your Postgres server to use with your instance of Hodor:


Copy the Hodor distribution config to wherever you keep your application configs:

cp vendor/lightster/hodor/config/dist/config.dist.php config/hodor.php

Update the Postgres and RabbitMQ credentials in your config file.

Write your job runner bootstrap in the job_runner key of the config file. The method defined here will be called with the job name and job params any time a worker receives a job message. This method should not be more than a few lines—anything more than that should be offloaded into a bootstrap include script or class. An example job runner may look like:

return [
    'job_runner' => function($name, $params) {
        $container = require_once __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';
        $job_runner = $container['job_runner'];
        $job_runner->runJob($name, $params);

Run the database migrations after your database credentials are setup in your config:

bin/hodor.php database:migrate config/hodor.php

Then setup supervisord to manage your job queue processes:

sudo php bin/hodor.php daemon:generate-config config/hodor.php
sudo service supervisord reload


use Hodor\JobQueue\JobQueue;

$job_queue = new JobQueue();
$job_queue->setConfigFile(__DIR__ . '/../../../config/hodor.php');
    'Vendor\Project\SomeJob',           // job_name
    ['number' => 123, 'name' => 'Bob'], // job_params
    ['queue_name' => 'default']         // job_options