Find missing handlers, incorrect typehints and more.

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Static analysis for a small, flexible command bus.

Traditionally, command buses can obscure static analysis. The Tactician PHPStan plugin helps bring stronger type checking by finding missing handler classes, validating handler return types and more.


Using Composer:

composer require --dev league/tactician-phpstan

Register Plugin

If you also install phpstan/extension-installer then you're all set!

Manual installation

If you don't want to use phpstan/extension-installer, include extension.neon in your project's PHPStan config:

    - vendor/league/tactician-phpstan/extension.neon


You'll need to make your CommandToHandlerMapping available to PHPStan. The easiest way to do this is to create a small bootstrap file that returns the same Handler configuration you use in your app.

A simple version of this might look like:

# handler-mapper-loader.php

require_once __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

use League\Tactician\Handler\Mapping\ClassName\Suffix;
use League\Tactician\Handler\Mapping\MapByNamingConvention;
use League\Tactician\Handler\Mapping\MethodName\Handle;

return new MapByNamingConvention(
    new Suffix('Handler'),
    new Handle()

You can use your bootstrap file, your DI container or anything else you like, you just need to return a CommandToHandlerMapping.

Now expose the bootstrap file in your phpstan.neon config.

# phpstan.neon
        bootstrap: handler-mapping-loader.php

And you're good to go!

Using a different Command Bus class

It's very common to have a bridge interface from your application to any external packages, including Tactician. In that case, you'll have a different command bus class and Tactician-PHPStan won't catch errors because it's looking for usages of the League\Tactician\CommandBus.

Instead, you can configure the command bus class to scan for, as well as (optionally) the method to use:

# phpstan.neon
        bootstrap: handler-mapping-loader.php
        class: My\App\CommandBus
        method: execute

If neither is specified, the default class is League\Tactician\CommandBus and a method named handle.


To run all unit tests, use the locally installed PHPUnit:



Tactician has no previous security disclosures and due to the nature of the project is unlikely to. However, if you're concerned you've found a security sensitive issue in Tactician or one of its related projects, please email disclosures [at] rosstuck dot com.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.