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Leaf Viewi Module

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This module allows you to quickly and easily integrate Viewi into your Leaf apps without any pain at all.


You can easily install Leaf Viewi using the Leaf CLI:

leaf install viewi

Or with Composer.

composer require leafs/viewi

Basic Usage

After installing the module, you can setup a viewi-app/components folder as prescribed by the Viewi docs. In there you can create your Viewi components. Back in your Leaf entry point, all you need to do is initialize the Leaf Viewi module and add your viewi routes.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/viewi-app/components/HomePage.php';


// This is a viewi route.
viewi()->get('/', HomePage::class);

app()->get('/something', function () {
  echo 'This is a Leaf route';


By default, the Leaf Viewi module will handle the configuration for Viewi, so you don't need to anything unless you want to use your own setup. In that case, you can pass the Viewi config into viewi()->init();:


use Viewi\PageEngine;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/viewi-app/components/HomePage.php';

  PageEngine::SOURCE_DIR => __DIR__ . '/ViewiApp/Components',
  PageEngine::SERVER_BUILD_DIR =>  __DIR__ . '/ViewiApp/build',
  PageEngine::PUBLIC_ROOT_DIR => __DIR__,
  PageEngine::DEV_MODE => true,
  PageEngine::RETURN_OUTPUT => true,
  PageEngine::COMBINE_JS => true

viewi()->get('/', HomePage::class);

app()->get('/something', function () {
  echo 'This is a Leaf route';



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