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Leaf DevTools

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Leaf DevTools provides a set of tools for debugging and understanding your Leaf applications. At the Core, the DevTools provides a visual tool with a clean and intuitive UI holding information about your Leaf application, and a light-weight library that you can use to interact with the devtools frontend.

Basic Usage


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';


app()->get('/', function () {
    'message' => 'Welcome!'


After this, you can access the devtools at <app-url>/leafDevTools.


Leaf DevTools

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  • Leaf has a very easy to understand documentation which contains information on all operations in Leaf.
  • You can also check out our youtube channel which has video tutorials on different topics
  • You can also learn from codelabs and contribute as well.

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We are glad to have you. All contributions are welcome! To get started, familiarize yourself with our contribution guide and you'll be ready to make your first pull request 🚀.

To report a security vulnerability, you can reach out to @mychidarko or @leafphp on twitter. We will coordinate the fix and eventually commit the solution in this project.

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