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Alchemy is a Leaf module which allows you to quickly and efficiently create and run tests in your Leaf apps. Leaf 3 is built with testing in mind. In fact, support for testing with Pest PHP/PHPUnit is included out of the box. However, Alchemy allows you to avoid all the hustle and write your tests without having to setup anything. Just run the setup script and run your tests without any config or anything like that.

📦 Installation

You can quickly install alchemy with leaf CLI

leaf install alchemy

Or with composer

composer require leafs/alchemy

🗂 Your First Test

After installing Alchemy, simply run the setup script

./vendor/bin/alchemy setup

This uses Pest PHP by default. If you want to use PHPUnit, you can add the --phpunit option to the setup script.

./vendor/bin/alchemy setup --phpunit

This will setup dummy tests and an alchemy.config.php file which you can use to gain a little more control over your tests. After writing the tests you need to write, you can simply run the test script.

./vendor/bin/alchemy run

Based on your engine, you might see either of the outputs below



  • PHPUnit


Alchemy is a test runner, not a testing framework.



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